Batting 0 for 3

with England managers so far.

I’m now thinking I’ll put my whole hearted support behind McClaren that should bugger up any chance he has. 😈

If there’s a way of screwing something up the F.A. will find it with both hands and run with it then leak it to their favourite journalist. And we are left with one of the worst possible options for the post, the grinning ginger. And is that grin real or fake, apparently he doesn’t do anything without his “Mystic Meg” or Bill in this case telling him how to go about it.

Why are the F.A. so desperate to get a bloke that Middlesbrough are so desperate to get rid of ? Because for all the money Gibson’s put in he sees a half empty stadium watch half empty football. I’ve read a load of crap about how great Boro’s last two UEFA cup home games have been, yes amazing comebacks in both cases but the football in between the goals was a joke. Can Boateng actually find a Boro player with a pass if that pass is forward ? Even his own club captain doesn’t think he’s good enough for the job and that the turn around in Boro’s season – since that fan threw his season ticket at McClaren – has nothing to do with the manager and all to do with players like Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink who McClaren tried to offload.

The F.A. had an easy choice when it was decided Sven was leaving, go get Hiddink the standout candidate, they buggered that up. The press barked on about the public wanting an Englishman for the job 🙄 next up on the standout list was Scolari but the press nag on about he can’t speak the lingo and doesn’t know about English football and the public want an Englishman.

It’s funny all the public I’ve met would have gladly taken either of those two ahead of the “leading” English prospects the only “home grown” man to get support was Peter Taylor and the F.A. seem to have completely over looked him. Probably too busy infighting and backstabbing to know who he is.

So we get the farce of Barwick very publicly traipsing off to Portugal – who leaked that I wonder – to talk to a guy who has already said he won’t do anything until the WC is over, because as the press has told us we need a manager in place now because it is unsettling the players, yeah like they’re giving it a second thought. The only time they think about it is when some muppet asks them about it.

A deal could have been done over the phone, in secret, so as to not piss off Scolari’s current employers and the Portuguese players & fans, but no it all had to be there in the public glare.

All leading Big Phil to say no thanks because he didn’t like all that press intrusion, ah the backlash.

On one side you have – see what you’ve done you tabloid hacks on the other – no it weren’t us he was a big coward and he’s managed Brazil so he should be used to it.

Yes the pressure on managers from the press in Brazil is extreme but it’s just about the football, it’s not camping out on front lawns hounding wives & kids. It’s reporting on football matters and giving opinions about what should be done, it’s not about trying to make the news posing as a sheikh trying to catch people out in an unguarded moment, it’s about sport not showbiz gossip.

And after all the public want an Englishman as the next boss, not another foreigner, there’s enough of them in the Premiership and the top sides never pick a young Englishman for their jobs so England should or it’s a kick in the teeth 🙄

No a kick in the teeth is seeing dullards like Bryan Robson getting a job just cause he was once England captain, wonder if he’ll get a chance to take another club down after WBA see the error of their ways.

It also couldn’t have helped in the negotiation trying to explain why even though they know Phil has won a World Cup and reached a Euro final, beating Sven’s team on the way to both they felt he was only worth half the money the Swede was being paid for knocking about with some tart.

If the only option is McClaren, Allardyce, Curbishley or O’Neill sad to say it has to be the latter.

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  1. The only pleasure of the past few days’ fiasco has been the embarrassment of David “Wardrobe Boy” Dein…

    Not that he’ll fail to make his presence known, of course, if Spurs need to rely on the FA to challenge Uefa over the whole “fourth place/Uefa Cup” thing, but still – that’s for another day, and hopefully not even then…

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