Johnny batted 0 for 4

Fantasy baseball standings
Fantasy baseball standings

last night.

I suppose it had to happen, first day proper of the fantasy baseball and my centre fielder returns to his old club, his new biggest rival and gets zip.

Could have done with him shutting a few people up, even with just one hit.

But he wasn’t the only one as Jeter, Cano and Crosby were the only ones to get hits and with 4 walks it were many guys on base all night. That damn knuckleballer and that damn catcher, now if they’d only kept the new guy but then passed balls only help if there’s players on base.

So bugger all points from my Yanks players, including Wang on the mound, along with nowt from Fat Albert it doesn’t look like I’ll be keeping up with last weeks score in the final practice week of 7th overall and top of the Yanks league (pic).

Oh well onto tonight, I’ll take a split for this 2 game series.

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