A squad born of freedom

Toxic Web's England Selection
Toxic Web's England Selection

from being scared of losing his job.

That’s the main thing that stood out for me about Sven’s chosen 23 to represent England in the World Cup.

But through all the press conference and then all the interviews I watched, and I watched pretty much all of them Sven talked about youth & pace and with Lennon & Walcott there’s certainly both of those but the first name on Sven’s team sheet is going to be that old donkey Beckham. 🙄

It looks like, form the reactions on t’internet, papers, radio/TV phone ins I was the only one that watched it all without going apoplectic, in fact I was the complete opposite just let it flow over me with extreme calmness. It was helped by the fact the rumour about Emile Heskey was wrong.

I think I’ve pretty much been in that state since Rooney broke his metatarsal, not really resigned to us doing badly but thinking without our best player the expectation isn’t going to be there, it isn’t going to be so tense maybe there’ll be more freedom this summer.

Thinking that someone, more than likely young and unknown is going to step up and do the business, of course I thought it was going to be Lennon until the rumours then confirmation of Walcott’s place. Yup it’s a gamble a big one but how many games had Owen played before we were all shouting for him to be in the England World Cup squad for ’98 (still think Glen should have dropped Shearer for him not Teddy) the same goes for Rooney.

OK so Rooney’s not going to be fit, I think Owen will be so my team sheet for the WC is pictured (create your own). Goalkeeper and back 4 pretty much pick themselves with Ledley out it has to be Carrick in the holding position, this giving Lampard freedom in the centre also helped by Gerrard playing in Rooney’s role. I know Sven is thinking of Cole in that role but he is still needed out on the left and on the right Lennon, he can skin anyone about (is there that many great defending fullbacks around these days ?) and with defences occupied with those they know he cause some surprises.

It’s tough on some of the previous squad members but that’s life, they shouldn’t be in a comfort zone where they’re guaranteed a place just because they’ve been included before.

Hopefully it’ll give Defoe the kick in the arse he seems to need after seeing himself dropping from Spurs number one choice striker to number three, I feel with Rooney not recovering in time Defoe will end up going and it should have made him angry and given him the hunger to show what he can do.

Ledley is unlucky, he more than likely would have had that holding role if fit right now, funny how the pundits are beside themselves because two unfit players have been picked when they say King should have been. Don’t seem to realise there’s very little top class cover for Rooney & Owen whereas we have a few centerbacks.

Hargreaves, is there a more disliked member of the squad ? Nobody seems to have a good word to say about him, except for Sven and of course those that do actually get to see quite a bit of him. I’ve always been one to agree with the latter and feel if he’s good enough for Munchen of the Bayern (Alan Mcanally) he can do a job for England.

Wright-Phillips has been throughout the life of this blog my choice on the right, the pace and youth so missing from Beckham but he’s now counting the real cost of that increased salary at Chelsea. He’s hardly played a game this year when Lennon was just coming into his own week in and week out. Tough on SWP but that’s the price you sometimes pay for choices you make.

“20 goals this year the most of any England striker what more does he have to do” is the main phrase I’ve heard for Darren Bent’s inclusion. Well what’s more would be to actually look international class. Yes he’s done really well this season, I’m pretty sure he won’t match it next year, there’s always someone comes out of the lower leagues does well for a bit of a season until teams figure them out then don’t repeat their earlier scoring feats. Also what exactly does being the top scorer mean, did Andy Cole ever look like an England player ?

Not long to go now…

2 Replies to “A squad born of freedom”

  1. Could see the logic (well, nearly) of the Walcott selection if he’d taken another striker – and had him as the 5th of 5, rather than 4th of 4. Still suspect Defoe will be in Deutschland for one invalid’s reason or another (though wouldn’t put anything past Sven, including opting for Johnson – why??? – instead…)
    If Rooney’s not fit, I’d opt for: Robbo – Neville, Ferdinand, Terry, A Cole – Beckham, Lampard, Carrick, Gerrard, J Cole – Owen.
    Beckham owes us a big performance or several, big-time, and while I’d rather he had much less power and privilege, think he has to start – and use Lennon as a dynamite impact sub.
    Despite myself, feel sorry for Wright-Phillips as the way he’s been abruptly dumped by Sven seems poor man-management. Spend the summer counting his cash, though, I’m sure he’ll survive… The main problem is it adds grist to his old man’s moaning mill… Sound off at certain points this summer, then…

  2. Johnson – last years Darren Bent.

    He owes but he’s past the point of being able to deliver, and I’d rather be 3 up than relying on an impact player coming off the bench.

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