Bloody Vikings

Spam spam spam spam Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!

Weblogtools Collection reports Askimet has picked up 271,167 pieces of spam since they installed it, which is quite a bit.

Up to this post askimet has picked up 1,932 on Toxic Web, mostly fake trackbacks, bit of .htaccess cut down the standard automated post spam.

It’s bloody annoying getting that much so much more must be a real pain in the arse, not to mention costly in wasted bandwidth…bastards.

You can’t have egg bacon spam and sausage without the spam.

One Reply to “Bloody Vikings”

  1. And of course there was the Toxic Web Kiss of Death as I posted this spam caught by Askimet went up from about 30 per day to a few hundred, Bad Behaviour plugin now installed, spam stopped but last time I used it completely b0rked pings from Technorati.

    Funny as well went to the Bad Behaviour site and they had “Bloody vikings” there 😀

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