A good night only tempered by

what could have been.

Oh the bleating, whining and whinging coming from ARSEnal after they lost the Champions League final 2-1 to Barcelona, especially Terry Henry, was priceless last night – “I never saw Ronaldinho I never saw Eto’o”, is that cause you were far to busy moping around the half way line waiting for Almunia to kick the ball well past you and thinking about all those chances you missed 😆

Yes the ref didn’t have a great game, after all Eboue should have been booked for one of the worst dives you’ll ever see (he did try and top it later with a 20 yard rolling effort) which with his crotch high tackle on Van Bronckhorst should have seen him follow Lehmann down the tunnel. And it would also have meant Judas wouldn’t have scored from the resulting free kick, oh and Campbell would have given away a pen for pulling Eto’o back when his shot was deflected by Almunia onto the post.

What should we expect from a team the likes of Pires, Cole, Reyes play for, same old ARSEnal always cheating 🙄

Shamelessly ‘alf inched from Aidan’s blog again

I do hope the £10.9m splashed out on Berbatov works out better than some of Spurs recent Eastern European signings, I was really happy when Rebrov was signed.

And what could have been, he could have been banging goals in for Spurs in the Champions League next season…

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