Kiss of death strikes


Barry Bonds takes it in the ass - click for the T Shirt
Barry Bonds takes it in the ass - click for the T Shirt

After posting how well the Yanks had done staying near or at the top of the AL East with all the big sluggers missing at various points (Giambi, A-Rod, Matsui, Sheffield & Jeter) going 10-4 and that Moose looked like he was finally heading for a 20 wins season after 15 seasons in the majors, the Toxic Web kiss of death struck…not for the first time and certainly not the last.

Since that post on June 6th the Yanks have gone down 3-8, including being swept by Oakland for the first time at Yankee stadium in 12 years and one particualrly bad grasping defeat from the jaws of victory 11-9 loss at the Nationals.

Moose is up tonight against the Phillies hoping to stop his own personal slump at 2 losses, of course the two games since I said how well he’d pitched this season becoming the clubs ace over the faltering Randy Johnson who goes from the sublime to the ridiculous start by start.

Oh well only 2 games behind the Sux, plenty of time to get that back.

I never did post about Barry Bonds passing the Babe in the all time home run hitters list, think the pic tells you what I think (click here for the T shirt).

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