Argentina set the standard

England's best lineup for the World Cup
England's best lineup for the World Cup

we should all aspire too, this was the beautiful game.

And we could if the right team was picked and they played the right way, which means sadly for him as he’s not done much wrong of late Crouch would have to go along with Beckham, cause if you watched Argentina v S&M the useless hump up the park wasn’t employed. Well except once for the third goal. Because we can do it with the right players.

What we saw was a master class in patient possession based play, with quick small triangles, one-twos, making space, creating outlets and fluid interplay, all very simple nothing more complicated than just holding onto the ball and simple passing to players not marked. Players knowing their positions and their responsibilities not getting in others roads – Riquelme never dropping back into the defence the centerbacks, Ayala & Heinze, never crossing the halfway line, Sorin the left fullback hanging on the wing always being there to give Riquelme an out.

Something we won’t even try with Beckham constantly getting in others way crowding the midfield, stifling Lampard & Gerrard only having eyes for the big fella towering above the opponents.

David Beckham is one of the problems for England. In a way, he is lucky that his cross to Crouch resulted in a goal. If not, his performance would have been abysmal. He does so little. No one should have the right to play. Osvaldo Ardiles

There’s the problem, the coach, we are stuck with star struck Svennis when we need a Sir Alf, a guy who picks the best team not necessarily the best players -Jack.

And if you look at the other games so far how many goals have come from set pieces, not many from corners or free kicks and not many from any Beckham style crosses.

We need to set Lampard & Gerrard free with a holding player, Carrick has all the requirements for this job, he can do the hard work better than Beckham and can get things flowing fast better than Carragher.

The fullbacks have to attack like wingers so Hargreaves should be used on the right but they should also be able to defend so that counts Ashley Cole out on the left.

We need pace and footballing ability up front, Lennon, Joe Cole and Waaayne Rooney have both in abundance we need to unleash them on defences expecting an easy time against long balls.

You can’t tell me the team here wouldn’t excite the fans and terrify most defences.

And if they don’t then there’s plan B, bring on Crouch and let him do what he did against Argentina in the recent friendly when his introduction helped us win the game.

It’ll never happy but I can always dream of what could have been…

The introduction of Rooney against T&T seven weeks after breaking his metatarsal, weren’t it just called breaking your foot before the last World Cup ? And the statements made by the independent doctors on it’s healing really have highlighted how much Fergie and ManUre didn’t want Rooney involved in this World Cup.

All the doom and gloom that he would only be fit for the latter stages if at all came from Old Trafford.

News that he didn’t feel any pain in the foot less than a week after the break, that it had healed and he was fit to play the second game into the first group stage came from the independent adjudicators Professor Angus Wallace and Professor Chris Moran, of the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

Respected professionals with no allegiance, unlike the ManUre manager who was probably an extreme shade of purple when he personally phoned Rooney saying he was concerned at the speed he was heading to his comeback.

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