McClaren’s started well

by choosing John Terry as captain.

John Terry - new England captain

The bookies favourite, Terry, is the only choice for England captain at this point.

England always do better with the captain leading from central defence and Terry is an excellent leader for Chelsea & England whereas his main competitor for the armband, Steven Gerrard, is an inspirational leader for his club Liverpool he certainly hasn’t been for his country.

If dropping deep to aimlessly batter balls well over the heads of the front men is the criteria for England captain then they might has well kept Beckham in the job, and I don’t know as some “experts” say that he’s assured of his place.

The other two “candidates” Lampard and Red Nev, well they were the equivalent of the Monster Raving Looney Party candidates you see standing behind re-elected big name politicians at elections.

Lennon - Give Pace A Chance
Lennon - Give Pace A Chance

Now we just have to wait and see what McClaren’s first squad consists of, we know it won’t have little kiddy Walcott or Bent who are in the U21 squad but the thing is Beckham’s only retiring speech has been about the captaincy and not from international football altogether.

If McClaren was going to drop him you’d think he’s tell David so he could announce his standing down before the embarrassment of being canned, you know the way Robson didn’t with Keggy.

Well with talk of the ginger one wanting to replace Beckham with Aaron Lennon during the World Cup you can only wait and hope…still he was with Sven a long time and doesn’t like the word “entertainment”.

2 Replies to “McClaren’s started well”

  1. Gotta disagree, there, mr Toxic – Terry was awful in the World Cup; half asleep a lot of the time. He is typical of the modern English centre-back (same goes for Rio, Sol, etc.): talked up as a world class wonder but regardless of how many solid displays he puts in, there’s always that nagging, unshakeable fear (which is invariably justified sooner or later) that he is one step away from doing something *really* stupid. And this is even without the Daily Mail-style rant that could so easily be delivered on his off-the-field ‘mis-steps’

    Should’ve been Gerrard. No doubt. He is a genius leader of men, he’s done it all bar the Premiership title; he can lift a whole team by his mere presence. His lacklustre performances for England must be put in context of being woefully misused by Eriksson’s tactical nonsense. And here is where the biggest reason for making Stevie G captain comes in – it would give him the clearly dominant, pivotal role in midfield, so he wouldn’t be forced to shackle his game to accommodate dullards like Lumpalard, but could shine on as he should – the England team should be built around the central midfield partnership of Gerrard and Hargreaves (to whom I have profusely apologised for previous questioning of his ability). All the rest is details.

  2. I felt at the time Terry’s lack of confidence is more to do with having the likes of Rio and Judas on one side of him and Ashley Cole falling down on the other.

    If Gerrard has it in him he would have done it no matter what Sven did, he would have had the confidence to grab the team by the scruff of the neck but no all he does for England is go for the glory with over hit long balls and battering short passes to guys a few feet away from him giving them no chance to control the ball.

    Yeah Lumpalard ( 😀 ) was crap at the WC but he out performed Gerrard before that and England played better during qualifying when Gerrard wasn’t in the side.

    He’s a John Barnes in the making, just waiting for him to go off mid-game with some injury that miraculously clears up for the next ‘Pool game.

    Another erm thing erm at erm least erm with erm Terry erm doing erm the erm press erm conference erm as erm captain erm we erm won’t erm have erm to erm put erm up erm with erm Gerrard erm erming erm all erm the erm time.

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