Can he used the Zidane defence

Ben Thatcher’s flying elbow on Pedro Mendes

he said something nasty to me.

The F.A. are trying to find out if the can break their own rules and punish Ben Thatcher further than the yellow card he got for the horrendous challenge on Pedro Mendes Wednesday night in the 0-0 draw between Man City and Portsmouth that saw Pompey player have a fit on field, spend the night in hospital and the next 7 days under observation.

The referee’s decision is final, so the muppet who thought that above was only worthy of a yellow card can’t be over turned under FIFA rules 🙄

Said ref has been stood down from the Premiership game he was meant to oversee at the weekend, in a week which saw some really inept displays by the games “top officials” – this was another one only worthy of a yellow as well.

The good news is that Greater Manchester Police have got involved, and rightly so this was GBH by a player who has previous – Allen Nielsen in ’98, Nicky Sumerbee in 2000 and a player in a friendly who was left with a punctured lung. All incidents far worse than the headbutt that saw Duncan Ferguson spend 44 days in Barlinnie jail in 1995.

Police involvement scares the football fraternity, somehow they think that anything that happens on a football pitch has nothing to do with the rule of law of the land. That assault viewed by thousands if not millions is perfectly legal because it happened in a stadium between two white lines.

Anything that happens on a football pitch should be governed by the FA and Fifa. Once you start involving the police, the floodgates can open and you could end up with a situation where players are arrested during a game. Stuart Pearce

So you could kill someone on a pitch and accord to Stu it would be down to the FA and FIFA to impose a ban and the maximum two week wages fine 🙄

Of course now following the precedent set in the Zidane v Materazzi case Thatcher only has to say Mendes said something nasty to him and Pedro will receive a ban and fine just less than that Thatcher gets.

But he’s a really nice guy they all say about Thatcher, just something happens to him when he gets on the pitch – never really did like him playing for Spurs, unlike Mendes – saying that and sending a letter of apology to Mendes doesn’t cut it, should get a long long ban after he has served his prison sentence.

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