If god is in the heavens…how can this happen here?

Yankees sweep the BoSux 5-0 at Fenway
Yankees sweep the BoSux 5-0 at Fenway

In his name, they used the weapons…For the massacre.

Denis Leary! Michael Chiklis! Steven Wright! Stephen King! John Kerry! Matt Damon! Ben Affleck! Josh Chetwynd! – can you hear me, Josh Chetwynd! Your boys took one hell of a beating! Your boys took one hell of a beating!

A week ago I posted about how the following seven days could be the most important in the Yankees season, with a 3 game series against Baltimore and then 5 games in 4 days against the BoSux.

Well I thought I’d put the Toxic Web Kiss of Death on them as they proceeded to lose 2 to Baltimore and headed into Fenway only 1.5 games up in the East.

So I figured well they should win the series 3-2, Friday’s double header will be split, double headers always are but when Mariano Rivera got Pena out at first nearly twleve hours after the first pitch of the day was thrown the Yanks had with 26 runs scored 2 wins (12-4 in the day game and 14-11 night game, at 4 hour 45 minute longest 9 innings game in history).

OK, OK that’s great win just one out of the remaining three and go home happy, Johnson should do that against the faltering Beckett on Saturday and he did backed by another double digit run fest as the Yanks became the first team to ever put 12 or more past Boston in three consecutive games winning 13-5.

And the talk of a second Boston Massacre was on, 1978 was being mention more and more, the clip Bucky Dent’s homer was being shown more and more.

Ah great Sunday, live baseball in the UK and the only game in town Moose v Schilling, hmmm not too sure that ratbag always seems to beat the Yanks on five and Moose hadn’t won a game for weeks. Through the game it went back and forth 2-0 to them, 3-2 us, 5-3 them but as soon as Jeter’s bloop got Melky in for the tying run in the top of the ninth I knew what they would say when coming back to the five studio in the UK – I’d been looking at the clock a bit and thinking if it hadn’t been for that near hour rain delay – it was 5 to six in the morning and they had to go off air at 5:59:55.

They had just enough time to see Shreky McChinstrap (Ortis) lumber round to 2nd on Bernie’s weak arm, oh bollocks, well on the bright side at least he didn’t hit the walk off homer that would have the Red Sox Natio…sorry commentators wanking themselves in delight. So it was left to the PC to “see” Giambino smack what ended up the winning run and Jorge knock in another couple of extras to win 8-5.

Monday…could they do it a five game sweep at Fenway ?

Of course they bloody could, how could I have doubted them, the tightest of the lot won 2-1 on a wild pitch.

Does it make up for the 2004 ALCS – no, does it match ’78 – well nothing’s won yet so maybe not.

But is it great to stick 49 runs past them. Is it great to see dejected BoSux glory hunters looking miserable in their own park. Is it great to be 6.5 games up on them now in the East and for them to be 4 & 3.5 games behind the teams ahead of them in the wild card race – damn straight it is.

Just have to make sure it isn’t wasted and that they don’t do anything like the Yanks did in ’78.

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