Didn’t expect it to be

that easy in Turkey.

With Spurs not exactly hitting the heights so far this season I had thought a trip to Besiktas was probably not the best starting point for the UEFA Cup league stage, then when it was announced Zokora was out I wasn’t exactly optimistic.

I should have shown more faith, with Ledley and Dawson back at the back they kept the Turkish side at bay and two well worked goals, though Ghaly’s was lucky in the end, saw a pretty good performance by Spurs.

Leading to Spurs fans doing a nice ironic “You’re not singing any more”, though they were and it seemed to be “Jingle Bells” ❓ and it looks like the home fans need the team name printed on the ceiling of the stand to know who they are.

Thought Berbatov looked like he was a little short of match fitness to begin with but he soon got in the game and one good run early in the second half seemed to give him more confidence and the Besiktas defence kittens. His goal was excellently taken and from then on he terrorised one particular bald player.

Jenas still the weak link in midfield and should be the one to make way when Zokora / Lennon are fit to start. Though also it may have been better to have had Murphy & Ghaly on opposite sides.

Only thing needed was a goal from Keane or Defoe, they need to start scoring. Both had gilt edge chances and should really have done better, Keane could have had a hat-trick in a matter of minutes, he would have had most of them last year.

Can this be the start of the season proper now, a top four team last year that’s been upgraded with better fullbacks (who were the main cause of late defeats & draws last year) and another top quality striker.

2 Replies to “Didn’t expect it to be”

  1. Haha, get over it! Aside from The Berb, Jenas was the best player on the pitch…! Don’t see how he could have done much more to control that midfield…

    Berbatov was so classy, too… Couldn’t believe the bloke behind me in the bar, who wrote him off early in the second half as having “the touch of a rapist”… Even when not scoring, his control of the ball is probably the area of his game beyond any reproach at all…
    And what a stunning, slalomy goal too…

    Just a shame Metro had to dampen things, with the oh-so-imaginative headline “Classy Berba earns his Spurs”…

    Ah, the bumper book of Tottenham headlines, page one… 🙁

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