Yeah I’ll probably watch

the World Series.

Maybe not with the interest I would have if the Mets hadn’t been beaten in last night’s decisive game seven by the Cardinals.

That’s mainly due to the fact I’ve no affiliation with either teams left but I would have got behind Detroit, even though they put the Yanks out, as I wouldn’t want the Mets getting a ticker tape parade in just over a weeks time and I won’t have to put up with those Mets fans who were a touch smug after the Yankees exit.

But it just goes to show that October doesn’t always depend on end of season momentum, with the Cards limping into the playoffs with the worst record of all the teams to make it, losing 7 out of their last 10 games and the Tigers losing their last 5 straight to be pipped by the resurgent Twins for the AL Central.

Might be that’s what the Yanks have to do next year, scrape in, forget late surges to take the AL East or cruising in 10 games ahead of your nearest competitor, just get over the line and get into the playoffs with no hope at all.

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