Some predictions came off some


I had thought Spurs would end up giving someone a going over, they would finally start finding the net instead of the ‘keeper and woodwork.

I was hoping it would be someone in the prem or UEFA Cup to be honest, cause I was half expecting a little blip in the League (Carling) Cup but no Mido and Defoe decided the MK Dons were going to be the one who was on the end of it.

Well five’s not bad in a banana skin situation, maybe they can keep it up but then there’s the Martin Jol rotation system and that added to my thoughts that Watford haven’t half been unlucky on their return to the Premiership had me figuring their luck will come against Spurs on Saturday.

Thankfully it didn’t, with goals chalked off that were perfectly good and misses that were far harder to achieve than actually scoring they were just the same, as were Spurs back to the pre-LC same that is, hitting the ‘keeper etc. Though this time it was the left sided Lennon rather than Defoe who helped keep it a 0-0 draw.

I don’t know you finally get a couple of strikers banging them in and they’re dropped for the next game. This isn’t what happened last year, last year Defoe started as number 1 did sod all and was dropped for Keane who started scoring and kept on doing so, keeping his place by doing so.

Striker rotation doesn’t work, they need to form a partnership, it’s like Dawson & Ledley at the back, I don’t see them being rotated for the sake of it.

Still it could be worse – don’t think about it too long Martin – christ I’d even prefer Jenas (who doesn’t seem to be rotated that much) to play than this has been.

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