The least worst team

won the World Series.

Didn’t stay up for most the games, wasn’t really bothered who won – did I want the team that humiliated the Yanks in the Division series or a few of the chumps who rolled over and gifted the RedSux the ’04 title to win? – and it looks like I wasn’t the only one.

Yeah congrats to the Cards, best player in baseball now has his ring though he didn’t do much of late to deserve it, unless you count throwing out someone at 1st off his back.

Personally I’d have given the MVP to Yadier Molina for the way he worked the likes of Weaver (especially) & Reyes to wins. His offence was not bad as well, but hey Eckstein is a little guy.

Detroit, well they should just be damned glad to have had a winning season never mind got that far and it might have helped them if their pitchers hadn’t chucked it away to first and third after all both teams only had three guys that turned up with the bat.

Well only a few months to wait ’til it starts over again, will A-Rod still be in the hostel environs of the Bronx leading them to title #27 or having a cushier life of it at Wrigley and where will Sheff end up, 1st base?

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