It’s become a national obsession

calling for the head of the guy in charge of an England team.

So step forward and join the likes of Svennis, McClaren, Keggy & Bumble Mr Andy Robinson.

It comes to something when an England team is booed off at Twickenham, never mind angry chants of Robinson out.

But no, his boss Rob Andrew says he’s staying for the Autumn internationals at least.

But this is a four-game series and we are not going to make a knee-jerk decision halfway through the series. Rob Andrew

The only problem Rob is this isn’t a knee jerk reaction to two games, you know this losing streak is a little longer and has anyone thought this is the man for the job for some time now. Things weren’t exactly great then either. Yeah I know he had a tough job replacing the World Cup winning players and he doesn’t personally drop the ball or make the wrong choices on the field during the game but the players can’t have any confidence in him and it has an effect.

Sale head coach Kingsley Jones is right, Charlie Hodgson shouldn’t have been substituted during the game, he shouldn’t have started. Yeah this guy maybe the one at club level but can anyone really truly say he doesn’t look out of his depth at international level, well those that booed him off don’t think so. I figure the only reason Robinson picks his is because then he has another person beside him that looks as permanently befuddled.

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