Stop wearing that bloody

kit, now, no more, don’t want to see it again.

Another performance to go with the “chocolate” kit from Spurs in the 1-1 draw with Blackburn yesterday.

I don’t know, you get the equaliser the opposition are down to 10 men and you get away with a penalty shout against, you’d think it would lift them to go on and win it but no they just conceded the impetus to Blackburn.

Oh well it was an away point I suppose and Defoe doubled his goals in the league for the season. Both teams are contesting the red cards.

Just have to hope they show the heart, missing from this encounter, in the UEFA cup game later in the week.

2 Replies to “Stop wearing that bloody”

  1. I dunno, it’s not served us too badly in Europe so far…

    Third time this season, though, that we’ve reacted to the other side going a man down by… suddenly seemingly forgetting how to play football at all.
    Actually think there was plenty of heart and effort this time, especially compared to the Reading game. But the final ball was too often sloppy, and without Lennon we look too laboured in attack.

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