You expect Kramer to be crazy

Michael Richards Racist Rant

but not this fucked up.

It just goes to show these days everything you do is caught on camera and in this case it was showed the full extent of the bizarreness of the situation that really didn’t come across fully when I read it in the paper today.

Yeah the words brought shock reading them but not as much as seeing him go off on one and with camera phones ten a penny these days chances are anything like this will find it’s way onto YouTube before the day is over.

The apology on the “Late Show with David Letterman” was another strange piece of car crash TV, I bet Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t too happy, on there to promote the latest DVD of the “Seinfeld” show, wonder what effect on sales this’ll have? He certainly didn’t like the audience laughing, which they also initially did during the outburst, strange all round.

Going to stick up both vids in the full post (“Read More” section below), be warned the outburst ain’t one to play at work.

*You make your mind up, heartfelt remorse or bullshit ?

8 Replies to “You expect Kramer to be crazy”

  1. We’re supposed to leave it up to him to get to the root of the force field of hostility? I call shenanigans; this was total bullshit. The only reason Michael Richards apologised is because his pocketbook will suffer from the dent in sales on the new DVD set.

  2. Nice attempt by him to belatedly suggest he was making some serious point about language and offence. Rather than being rather rubbish at dealing with a heckler.

    That first clip could have done with a funky slap-bass riff in the background, though…

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