What makes you think

you should stay on?

Should have been the follow up question to Andy Robinson after another debacle by his side in the 14-25 defeat to South Africa at “fortress Twickenham”.

Andy Robinson has lost 13 of his 22 matches in charge of England

He’d just stated that he was certain he’d still be in charge of England for the upcoming Six Nations during the post match interview, which probably goes a long way to showing why he’s out of his depth. If he can’t see his departure coming it’s no wonder he can’t see what’s going wrong out there during a dismal autumn series, that has seen one victory and loses to a third string South Africa and a rag bag bunch of nearly amateur Argentinians.

Of course by quitting he wouldn’t get the kind of compo that would follow his sacking, so the RFU have by all accounts offered him the easy way out, save face by falling on your sword and we’ll pay you off handsomely for failing.

Andy Robinson was and probably still is a good coach, he was an integral part of the World Cup win and the good times under Clive Woodward, last couple of years have shown he’s not a good manager, which Woodward was. So that’s what is needed a good manager, after all the coaching staff is in place from the summer’s hirings and firings.

My choice Deano, Dean Richards, managed two European Cup wins and numerous titles for Leicester. Lot of folks calling for Martin Johnson, great player, great leader but can he manage an international side with expectations?

Of course you don’t want to be the guy that follows the legend but the guy that follows the guy that followed the legend…

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