Wishin’ for rain

Wishin’, hopin’ in vain.*

Pietersen loses his wicket early on the last day

That’s what England fans were doing last night, for the final day of the first Ashes test match of the series, could England bat on like they had done the day before and maybe be rescued by the forecasted storm. Then Kevin Pietersen was out and it was all over.

In the end a 277 run victory was what both sides deserved, mainly down to the inept bowling display that you could effectively say made it an innings and 277 run victory as Australia only lost 10 wickets in the match.

Where now for England, well Adelaide in a few days is the short answer, but what to do when they get there?

First up Harmison well Denis Lillee one of the great fast bowlers of all time and now a respected coach says he’s seen what’s up with the England paceman and he knows how to sort it and he’s willing to help the old enemy, Fletcher should be straight on the phone but will he? I doubt it after all that great test wicket taker Kevin Shine is out there as bowling coach.

Monty has to play, with Giles in the side or without, so the King Of Spain got a few runs, didn’t really matter in the great scheme of things did it.

Strauss has to be fitted with some sort of body brace that prevents him from even attempting to hook the ball, to fall for it once is bad enough, twice in a match is a disgrace but it’s also the third time now on tour.

They have to see off McGrath’s early spell, he’s coming off nearly a year of not playing in tests, now got a sore heal and for all the mocking he is getting on a bit and it looks like he’ll bowl first up then go rest in the outfield ’til the new ball arrives.

And lastly don’t make it so damn easy for them, how many English wickets did Australia get out and how many were handed to them? Weren’t many of the former and quite a lot of the latter.

Did the storm actually come later in the day, could they have got a draw in the end? *Lyrics from Jon Rauhouse’s “Wishin'” as featured on Steel Guitar Rodeo

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