Overlooked again

when the gongs are dished out.

No knighthood, no MBE not even an Other Bugger’s Effort from her maj for old Toxic again this year.

I suppose I should maybe have done more to get one, being useless in an England football shirt then getting some brown nosing twat called Winter to write some fawning autobiography for me hell I could do that. Or I could be some butt ugly screeching bint who has helped dumb down British TV to a level below where we used to laugh at other countries.

I could have “acted” for a long time in some tin pot TV drama aimed at dim bints with nothing better to do with there lives than base it round watching the likes of Trisha and soap operas or I could have given up playing good honest blues based, down and dirty, rock and or roll to sing cheesy ballads and date blondes who make me look like a Tom Cruise style midget, the latter bit being the hard part about that one.

I could have searched up my family tree and see if there’s anyway I could claim to be some relation to old Lizzie though I’d have to draw the line at poncing about on a horse.

I could have course taken an easier path and just handed over some cash to Tony’s mates and had my pick, this above the money that Gordon has already stolen to cover up the black hole in the economy “the greatest chancellor we’ve had” has created over the last 9 years. Or that Yo Blair has taken to try and extricate his fucking awful wife from her chavvy background.

Oh well it’s something to work on for next year…a resolution perhaps.

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