Was it a portent of things

to come in 2007.

Gearing up for the New Year celebrations when the lights flickered and the video went off then came on again but then within 30 seconds pffft everything went out. Total darkness.

And that was the way 2007 was seen in in Toxic Towers, scrambling round for light, hoping that the main torch’s battery was charged up, wishing that as I pulled something out of the cupboard the other day that another torch hadn’t decided to follow and fallen 5 feet and made that smashing sound as it hit the floor – completely knackered. Thinking is there such a thing as a candle in here, or even matches.

Finding the way to the torch wasn’t the easiest either, I mean I can normally find my way round in the “dark” but’s that’s normal urban dark, with glow from other houses, street lights, that bloody annoying spot light some twat over the park has. But looking out the window showed everyone was in the same boat, as each house looked like they were being robbed at the same time, the whole town was hit as there was no distant orange glow over the far side either.

It was as Albert Steptoe would say it was as black as a gorilla’s goolies.

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