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Alan Hansen?

On Saturday night’s “Match Of The Day” started wittering on about the way Ashley Cole was playing against Liverpool in that days match.

Pointing out such things as Cole coming inside right next to the central defenders and leaving the opposing winger all the space and time to receive and control the ball, then look about decide what to do and do it.

So lets get this right Alan, you’ve been watching him for 6 years with England and a bit longer at club level and it’s only now you’ve noticed this when it’s the way he’s played all through.

Christ you only have to look through the England posts on here as I’ve probably pointed it out in every one and I know those who watch England games with me are expecting an outburst about it not long after kick off.

So next week I’m expecting this well observed pundit to tell us that Cole isn’t actually that great at going forward either and that he gets so far then decides to put the ball on his right foot, remembers he can’t do anything with that foot beyond stand on it, gets totally confused and he then either has the ball taken off him or he tries to kick it with his left but he’s got his body in such a position it can only go backwards so slows everything down and more than likely play someone into trouble.

Best left back in the world – my arse!

Maybe Hansen should spend less time in the green room, I was sure he was going to grab someone, possibly Ian Dowie, in a headlock and tell him “I love you, your my best friend ever”.

Could be worse I suppose could be just like that dullard Shearer who basically just repeats what someone, Gary Lineker, says to him with the addition of “They done well”.

And that’s all I have to say about Spurs at Fulham on Saturday…

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