A day on Ella Fitzgerald

Oo-er missus.

So I updated yesterday to the new and improved WordPress version 2.1 which they’ve named after the aforementioned jazz great.

It seemed to go OK, no major problems the few plugins I use worked, except the Adsense Deluxe which doesn’t show up part of the plugin on the posting dashboard. A quick hack has got round it so far, also able to search out and add the hacks I’ve used in the older versions.

But then I noticed today on the WordPress News a couple of articles about upgrading and the fact the Links section code has changed and so the links here are all buggered up. A bit of time checking out the Codex for the new tags was of little help as it seemed a bit half arsedly done and certain parts didn’t seem to work the way they were written, oh great.

So I suppose it’s a wait ’til v2.1.1 to get the links section working the way I had before if it’s going to be possible.

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  1. Aye, I had a few issues with the changes to the links section. I’ve had to reode my templates so that they display my external links in the groups I had them, and for some of those groups to be limited in size and randomised. Taking those features out of the control panel was a bit of a retarded step IMO; and the half-arsed codex write-up for this version have been pretty unhelpful across the board, not just for the links templates. However, while a lot of the older template tags are deprcated, some are still fine and are better explained in the codex than the newer versions: get_links, for example, is still useful.

  2. For such a major upgrade you’d think they’d get the Codex sorted before the release.

    Yeah I had my links like that, will have to check out the get_links when I have time.

    And another thing when a comment is posted it wipes the Technorati Tags for the post ❓

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