Same old story, same old song and dance

my friend.

Yeah I know I’ve used the title before, I could also have gone back to the old standby “It’s like deja vu all over again” both fit perfectly for last nights 2-2 league cup semi-final first leg at the Lane.

Out of the traps first all over them, shot after shot finding the keeper, woodwork or side netting, should be well up and effectively game over well before the ball actually does find the back of the net. Then two up it should be so much more, Malbranque and Lennon are running rings round the scummers.

Then with a good lead they start to drop back, don’t hang onto the ball, let them totally back into it. Dropping deeper and deeper, defensive insecurities start showing – especially with replacement players – others disappear, did anyone see Malbranque after half-time? Did anyone know he was out there until it was said his legs were gone.

And before you know it England’s #1 is looking far from that and hanging on is the order of the day, saying that Robinson hasn’t been at his best for some time now.

I know you can’t keep up that first half pace all 90 minutes but there has to be a second part of the strategy that doesn’t involve them having all the ball and us defending the 6 yard box.

Still it’s only half time…

And on a brighter note through to the last 16 of the UEFA Cup, yeah the chairman wants the money that a game would bring but most would rather the players had a bit of a rest through this little crowded period and a guarantee of being in the next round.

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  1. Atmosphere superb, excitement high – that 0-3 all but forgotten – and a lovely quick two-goal lead. But Berba going off was a disaster, and Jol’s tactics thereafter even more so – why play Keano so deep? He and Malbranque were virtually crashing into each other every attack we made. And the Newcastle game showed us we just can’t sit back on a lead to save our lives… Two-nil would have been a very take-able result, yet after that start I’d still have been a little disappointed and fearful for next week. Two-one even more so, and two-two just gutting.

    Ah well, bring on Wednesday and renewed hope if not expectation… for a little while, anyway…

    Then again, it was against a Gooner side with an average age seven and which cost 25p and half a bag of crisps to put together, right…….?

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