And what better way to prove a point

about Steve McClaren.

His general ineptitude and why he shouldn’t have been anywhere near being picked for the England job than the latest scathing attack from an ex-player of his – Massimo Maccarone.

I don’t think the old mistranslated routine will work when he’s so spot on.

The ever-smiling Steve ‘The Magnificent’ McClaren is the most two-faced and false person I’ve had the misfortune to meet in football. Massimo Maccarone

Ah the grin from the grinning ginger twat, you know it’s false, it’s got insincerity written all over it, he has managed to fake sincerity yet but still succeeded in getting the job.

Only in England can someone with such evident limits become the head of the national team. Massimo Maccarone

And those limits are even more highlighted by the fact he coughed up £8million for Massimo Maccarone, just waiting for him to call up Campbell & James now.

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