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After the weird way the new WordPress handled the way I had my links up, that is by not showing them, another strange event started happening.

The Technorati Tags links at the bottom of each post would disappear after a comment was posted ❓

Funny I fought – when a comment was added it deleted the “Custom Field” data for that post in the “wp_postmeta” table. Very very strange.

Now I knew it was an old, probably out of date plugin I was using for the tag set up but don’t see what this would have to do with the data in the database being deleted but it must have in some way as I’ve changed plugins and it doesn’t happen now.

Went with “Bunny’s Technorati Tags” plugin as the “Ultimate Tag Warrior” seemed a bit of overkill for what I wanted, save a bit of trouble as well as the previous plugin required a few hacks.

Also noticed even with the new version of Askimet and latest Bad Behavior there’s been an increase in spam.

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