And that Mr Robinson is why

you’re not the England coach any more.

Jonny Wilkinson back in an England shirt after 3 years

England would have walked off the Twickenham pitch to more boos if he had still been in charge instead of leaving to standing ovations and a feeling of excitement about the national team, after stuffing the Jocks 42-20.

And it’s not just his statement made in his newspaper column and later on the BBC, with that permanently befuddled expression, that he wouldn’t have pick Jonny Wilkinson. What a way to heap more ridicule on yourself 🙄

But it was the whole team, when did you ever see Ellis, unlucky not to get man-of-the-match, play like that under the old regime – never – I didn’t think he was up to it on previous performances, one of those players good for club, crap for country but doesn’t look that way now. Yeah I know it was only the Jocks but having done it now with a red rose on his shirt he now knows he can. Of course having Wilkinson on his shoulder and not that dullard Hodgosn did help a bit.

Where were the balls dropped in contact? Where was the balls dropped with no contact at all? Where was the getting isolated and having to hanging onto the ball giving away pens? Where was the players playing out of position and looking it?

Instead there was offloads in contact, no stupid dropped balls that should have been easily taken, there was sniping runs from Ellis with Jonny or someone else there to take over and there was a proper blind & open side flankers and a full back brought in to replace the injured full back, not Lewsey or Billy Whizz moved from their real positions on the wing.

And then there was Jonny to slot over all those kicks, who was ever confident when Hodgson stepped up?

OK so that try wasn’t, makes a change England getting this kind of break and after all JW deserved it, didn’t he and the Jocks whinging about it makes it so much better, like it made a difference. Still doesn’t beat Gavin Hastings crying his eyes out mind 😀

The Calcutta Cup back where it belongs and that sense of excitement the built before Saturday still intact…

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