Different old story

same old song and dance.

Different story, didn’t start out all guns blazing but kept with ManUre for the first half, until that Portuguese ponce decided to fall over and the ref decided third time lucky for someone as long as it wasn’t for Spurs.

Can understand not giving the first shout, the ball moving the way of Gardner’s leg, looking like he got a touch from behind and that added to the fact it was Larsson doing his usual routine – Gardner’s leg touching Larsson’s thigh somehow causing the Swede’s legs to bend up at the knees and his arms to stretch out, must touch a nerve causing a twitch through his whole body 🙄 don’t know how many times I’ve seen it when he was wearing hoops.

Neville on Chimbomba, some ref is going to have to start giving those cause it’s getting worse than ridiculous at corners etc. One wonders if it had been the other way round, in either box, would it have been given?

Old song and dance, Spurs of yore, go one down and then just capitulate but joy of joys it won’t happen again…

But we will turn it around because next week Jermaine Jenas will come back and he is a player who can do that. Martin Jol

Maybe it is the Dutchman picking Jenas and not the chairman after all…

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