Let me get this right

it was away from home.

We ran the first half and scored first but they equalised through a controversial free kick (*is Uriah Heep the worst ref about?) and then Jenas won it with a minute to go, nah this can’t be right, not at all, something wrong, world – axis moment – Toxic Shock 😯

Rennie’s assistant clearly flagged for a foul by Anichebe on Dawson – but the official not only booked the Spurs defender, he then awarded a free-kick despite lengthy consultation with the linesman. Almost inevitably, Arteta stepped up and curled a brilliant free-kick away from Robinson. BBC match report

Also taking Aidan’s advice and watching a lot of this vid.

Along with repeated viewing of the 1982 quarter final away at Chelsea, ah 3-2 with the second, by Hoddle, one of the greats – Houghton takes it up the left, passes inside to Steve Itchyballs (Archibald) who deftly flicks it through his legs behind him to Micky Hazard who gets it over to Hoddle on the right who elegantly hammers it into the left corner of the net – pure class.

2 Replies to “Let me get this right”

  1. Hope that humble pie’s tasting as sweet as this week’s victories… 🙂

    JJ was crucial again today. TT and RR were useful too.

    Oh, and some Bulgarian showed a few decent touches an’ all…

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