Still don’t know what to make of Goughie

coming back home.

Darren Gough back as Yorkshire captain

And doing so as the captain.

Well as with any true Yorkshireman it’s a dream for him to come back and captain the county and you can’t deny that he put’s everything he has into anything he does…but.

But what have those knees got left? Last few years at Essex have been mainly spent playing one day games, very successfully it has to be said with Totesport glory in 2005 and the Pro40 title in ’06.

Is there much Dazzler can do for the Championship side, how many four day games will he manage. It was really only Notts late season implosion, including us stuffing them, that helped us stay up last year. The thought of relying on Darren to last out the game when the other bowling options involve Australian cast off Jason Gillespie doesn’t fill one with great hope it has to be said.

Hopefully he’ll be able to teach the youngsters a bit or two, along with the possibly returning Martyn Moxon – should have played more tests. They’ll also hopefully get McGrath to stay on and see out his contract, there’s far too many ex-Yorkshire players doing well for other sides.

Well I doubt Gough will be a Brian Close or Ray Illingworth captaincy wise but he’ll bring some enthusiasm back which has been lost of late, the Chris Adams debacle didn’t help there and now David Byas has departed he can at least wear the White Rose with a smile and it should keep him out of more “reality TV shows”.

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  1. That whole Chris Adams thing was very odd, wasn’t it? Achieved miracles at Sussex, where he’s revered as a demi-god, so the fact he nevertheless came so close to leaving suggests the Yorkshire move was a serious one indeed… Only not to be.

    Gough and Gillespie – what a pairing that would make!
    Seven or eight years ago…..

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