It was a game that should

not have been.

Yet again Spurs are out of a cup after having a two goal lead.

A rather frustrating night all round, one that would make you want to thump Lumpalard oh and that scummy little cunt Cashley – but then if you’re going to try it you should at least do your best and not miss.

Well it certainly wasn’t a repeat of the first game, of course it wouldn’t be after the BBC hype and the first game being the exception to the crap live cup games they show.

Berbatov and Keane, bar one nice bit of footwork on the edge of the box by the Bulgarian to roll it through to Keane, were not on the same wavelength throughout. That’s when they actually got any service.

Lennon had plenty of possession which he promptly gave away, mainly by running into Diarra time after time when moved from the centre to the left. Most of the play came down the left with Malbranque and Lee getting tighter and tighter to the line. Jenas was his usual waste of space on the other side, one run round the aforementioned scummy left back and one cross apart he was slow of thought and deed, ponderously getting caught with the ball or giving it away with 20/80 passes.

The midfield hardly pressed Chelsea at all, giving them far too much space and time, which probably lead to their second goal as Dawson was obviously a bit pissed off that no one else was going to bother came out to close down and left Drogba to Rocha who didn’t seem to get tight to anyone all night.

Yeah as Jol said England’s number one didn’t have much to do, couldn’t do much for their two strikes on goal, but for the first few minutes of each half Spurs didn’t have much control in the game. Though it could have been different if Carvalho had been sent off for the tackle on Berbatov for the penalty.

Now if only Defoe would stop hitting that damn woodwork…

2 Replies to “It was a game that should”

  1. Don’t think Carvalho being sent off would really have made a difference, we just left things a little too late. That first half really was stale, wasn’t it…?

    Put up a brave enough battle, just came up against a better manager (no shame in that for Jol, or anyone) and a much more expensive team. Just wish we’d seen Lennon used more destructively on the other flank – that’s a bit baffling…

  2. Yeah those final minutes their box was so crowded one body probably wouldn’t have made much difference but you never know.

    Well if Jenas can skin Cashley 😉

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