Still a load of rubbish

and not fit to wear the shirt.

Yet again the pre-match talk never matched the actual performance, just like the Israel game as England eventually beat Andorra 3-0.

But what’s worse is the post match talk

What I say to the fans is stick with the players, they are giving it their all and they are out there doing it Steve McClown

The fans had their opinions during the game which isn’t nice for the players to hear…They are entitled to their opinion but for the players’ and England’s sake it is best kept until after the game…The booing or the McClaren chants are not helping the players John Terry

Well if you want it all to stop there’s two ways it’ll happen.

One they won’t bother turning up for the games, even the most die hard fan is going to think twice about travelling at great expense to witness this crap, so you won’t have to listen to anything from them.

Or two you pull your finger out and play for your country the way you play for your club.

Don’t give us this crap about no easy games and they played a flat back ten, they did exactly the same against Croatia who put seven past them in one game. Don’t ponce about passing between the defenders get the ball forward quick with pace and intent. The second goal showed this, one-two direct running get’s through them or they foul you.

Show some bloody life.

Having your midfielders level with your centrebacks in your own half picking the ball up doesn’t work as the first half showed so well, so no matter how much we are told Gerrard played with Lumpalard he was as guilty as anyone, if not more so in the first 45 goalless minutes. Oh and what is this crap with the F.A. and McClown running about telling anyone that the Chelsea man wasn’t dropped for this game. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Far too much came down the left hand side and again Downing showed he isn’t international class, cross after cross failed to reach a white shirted player. Lennon wasn’t that great either but at least a couple of his crosses were decent and he got past people and laid chances on. But Downing that can all be laid at McClown’s door, the kid looked like he something about him when he first came through the ‘Boro youth system into their first team, even though the manager tried to flog him on the cheap to Wigan, but under McClown’s management all that early promise has disappeared.

Only decent thing’s McClown did all night were bringing Rooney off before he was sent off, though that might have been a bad thing. If he had got a red card you imagine that one of those scummy Andorra players would have at least been on the end of some justified retribution. I normally stick up for the minnows being allowed into competitions like this but with the antics of these lot I’d happily make an exception.

And the other bringing on Nugent, nearly 50 years after the last Preston NE player stepped out for England. He looked to have something about him, looked more interested than those guaranteed their shirt, funny that 🙄

Yeah Gerrard has looked the best player over these two crap performances but it’s like saying one of the Spice Girls was the best out the bunch, and that dive oh deary me don’t know which was worse it or to celebrate so wildly after scoring against the might of Andorra (pop. 71,000). And since when has Graham Taylor become the voice of English football, has McClow’s ineptitude promoted Taylor in the failure rankings?

Unfortunately the victory will mean that even though England are now down to fourth in the table, behind Russia & Israel on goal difference (I did say it would be important) the chants to McClown of England fans last night “You’re getting sacked in the morning” won’t be coming true.

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