Bloody vikings

spam, spam, spam.

I’d done my best to cut down the spam comments coming in but then and I went and posted about Steve McClown and mentioned vehicles of the used variety not thinking much other than I wouldn’t and I doubt anyone one else would buy one of these products from that man.

But since then the number of trackback spams about cars has been unbelievable, all looking like those fake blogs that just pick up and post feeds from other sites. Great so not only do I have to deal with spam, I’ll probably get hit by Google for the duplicate content.

Another trackback wasn’t what you’d call spam as such but some idiot citing Toxic Web’s posts about “Making Bono History” as the childish way people react to hypocrite celebs and their “let’s get my phizog on the telly and in the papers” causes.

Yes this great voice we have here, that by it’s own admission is “polluting a browser near you” and uses that august PopBitch as it’s source, is being cited like it’s the FT or the BBC.

Well what do you expect when someone does everything they can to make sure not a penny of their vast wealth is spent in areas that he wants others who are not so fortunate to fund through their taxes.

Yes I’d like him to shut up about it, a vow of silence if you will but then I wanted that before he got into this malarkey and just punished us with the “music”. Maybe if he shut up, didn’t jet round the world to hob-nob with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Popes and other people of position beginning with P and lived off an average wage while without fuss or acclaim you actually helped the poor not just talked about how others could, people might think it’s done with some sincerity.

Oh and I’d also like Gore to shut up as well, can’t stand that smug face reading his pre-prepared script – does anyone really think he understands any of this? That blank look would still be there if he hadn’t used botox or had a face lift whichever he’s done.

And does anyone believe that he’s not facing up to the prospect that after spending his whole life in politics his only lasting legacy is going to be having a mad bint of a wife who blamed rock & metal for everything, standing shoulder to shoulder with Billy-Bob as the slack jawed yokel bombed another bunch of Muslims after getting found with his dick in some new piece of trailer trash and ignominy of ignominies he was such a bad candidate for president he allowed G.W. to be in the position to take Florida to win.

Oh christ that’s enough of this real world crap, please preserve us from the celebrity worshippers who can’t form an opinion unless it’s told to them by some “face” and can’t allow that “face’s” motives and hypocrisies to be questioned by us “little people”.

Let’s get onto real stuff that matters…last nights game of shame from England…

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