Would you buy a used car

from this McClown?

England's number one clown and unfortunately manager Steve McClaren

Would you trust him if he told you it put in a great performance, when you knew it couldn’t get out of second gear, that it hit it’s top speed 17 times when it couldn’t get from nought to one in six months and only tried five times.

Would you trust him if he told you he had no problems with any part of the car, when you knew that the bits actually left on the car were rusty, in the wrong places and not working at all.

Would you trust him if he said “Someone who has watched a lot of used cars told me it was as good a display from a car as they had seen over the entire weekend.”

And would you be happy after travelling a fair distance and handing over a large amount of money to view the car to have your views be dismissed with a wave of the hand.

Or would you think this is a liar who out of his depth and has to work from some pre-prepared script of bullshit by some spin doctor.

And would you be looking at the showroom wall for previous employees of the month Graham Taylor, Keggy Keegle and Sven-Goran Eriksson thinking we’ve been here before, I don’t know why we keep coming back.

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