Who is the bigger clown

the McClown or the clown that employed the McClown?

And then told us all the McClown was his first choice…

It’s not those that were shouting “You don’t know what you’re doing” and “What a load of rubbish”, it’s not those that knew this McClown was never the man for the job and it’s not those that want to see him gone while we still have a chance.

As the F.A. showed off their glittering new stadium they should be thinking how are we going to pay for this, cause if the England team carry on under McClown they can kiss goodbye to the £100m that qualifying for Euro 2008 would bring in and it’ll take less time to count the number of filled seats at the new Wembley than the empty red ones when the senior XI finally get to play there.

Sometimes you’ve got to speculate to accumulate and the Grinning Ginger Twat’s payoff would be the relatively cheap one year salary of £2.5m. Added to that should also be the payoff to Barwick so he can follow his chum out of Soho Square, after all it’s also his fuck ups that lead to this situation instead of seeing us under the management of Hiddink, Big Phil, Peter Taylor etc etc.

And it’s time for the real “straight talking” not the crap Terry was coming out with before the game, it’s time to tell those persistent underachievers that the gravy train is over.

We need an Alf Ramsey, when the likes of the Neville’s have become the most capped brothers in English history we need a manager who like Alf when asked by a holder of that previous honour why he was in the team “Well, hay ‘ave a pattern of play in may mind, an’ hay pick the happropriate players to fit into that pattern. Hay don’t always necessarily pick the best players…Jack”

Ferdinand – you’re not Bobby Moore you never were and you never will be, yes in Japan you were the best defender at the World Cup but that got you you’re big money move to ManUre and you’ve rested on that since. Lazy. It’s the only thing Rio is world class at now. People question Paul Robinson but never think maybe the problem is the lack of confidence in those in front of him that’s causing the problem.

Lumpalard – Yes you played well for us in the past, Euro 2004 you were the only one in the midfield, yes for the last World Cup qualifying you did more than most but that’s all in the past. From the actual WC Finals you’ve been a useless lump who can’t even score anymore.

Gerrard – ah yes but you’re not playing in your favourite position, funny how you can have all the passion and drive to inspire your club from the left, the right even from fullback but for England you ponce about with a face ache on just cause you are meant to play wide, not that you do mind.

Phil Neville – christ you only get in cause of your brother, who is another that shouldn’t be guaranteed his shirt, and you played for ManUre under McClown.

Others maybe shouldn’t be dropped but questions have to be asked, Rooney at the last Euros he was the best in the World but he moved clubs, ah we were told this is the best move for him, Sir Alex knows how to handle kids and get the best out of them, yeah so a few years on and the striker looks more likely to be sent off than get a goal for England – no doubt Ferguson’s influence there.

Carragher – outstanding season for Liverpool, as a centreback stopper not a left fullback, oh there’s no depth without Cashley and Bridge. Yeah so Leighton Baines played in the U21s, Michael Ball stayed at home and Gareth Barry sat on the bench after his very late call up. They may not be the best players but they are at least left footed know the position well and who can go forward.

And McClown says all these players are behind him, of course they are one of them says what they and everyone else are really thinking then the gravy train would stop, turkeys don’t vote for Christmas even turkeys as retarded and inept as these ones.

So it’s on the Andorra with the usual there’s no easy games in international football – the kind of crap that meant we were told Israel were a tough team – there is and this is one. A big score is needed cause this group could come down to goal difference or goals scored.

Oh and the bigger clown is the one that thinks this would all be better with Beckham back in the team.

2 Replies to “Who is the bigger clown”

  1. In full agreement – especially about Ferdinand. Both he and Terry are given to bouts of gross stupidity. Given that Terry at least tries hard, he gets the nod, but you don’t want two idiots you can’t trust at centre-back, now, do you?

    As an Everton fan, I’ll defend Phil Neville from those who say he’s a rubbish footballer, but not even I can argue with anyone who says he shouldn’t be starting games for England, never mind at full back.

    I don’t get the steward downing thing – surely his only qualification for being anywhere near the first team is that he is a left footed midfielder. If McClaren thinks our right-footed midfielders do a better job out on the left wing, then why is Downing even in the squad? Waste of a place, surely?

    And yes, give Barry a go… couldn’t do much worse, eh?

    I’ve said my piece about Rooney many, many times since he flounced out of Goodison: not a goalscorer, too selfish and self-obsessed to be a team player, a red card waiting to happen who has been made worse by proximity to Alex Ferguson and Manchester United, where his petulance has been indulged, nay encouraged.

  2. Downing showed again why he shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad. One that can really be blamed on McClown, looked not bad until the Ginger Twat started managing him.

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