One week in to the season

and this is first baseball post.

It’s taken seven days, three live games on 5, boos for an A-Rod “failure”, cheers for A-Rod in the “clutch”, Fat Albert & Howard stinking up my fantasy team to get round to sticking something up here.

Maybe it was the thought of the Yanks opening the season with Carl Pavano that did it or the fact that after Pettitte, he has the best ERA of the starting rotation, with the others all over 10. Or maybe it was just the shock of Flash claiming she was stopping hating A-Rod in a Yankees shirt.

Something surely tested by his out in the eighth against Tampa Bay on the 5th with the bases were loaded and Andy Pettite ( :kiss: ) was starting his first game back in pinstripes.

Two days later all was forgiven again, as the cheers rang out in the Bronx, nah not them type, with Rodriguez’s walk of grand slam

It may only be the second week of April with flurries of snow about but this rotation is a real worry and the way it’s going A-Rod’s projected 356 RBIs and 130 home runs might be required 😉

2 Replies to “One week in to the season”

  1. I don’t think I can last it, Toxic. It’s only April and he’s already giving me migraines. This attempt to suppress the hate makes me feel like David Banner trying to keep the Hulk inside.

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