Being rewarded for ineptitude

is bad enough when it’s a pizza ad for missing a penalty in the Euro semis.

Or having a load of muppets rushing to hand over a wad of cash to buy your ghostwritten “autobiography” detailing how shite you were in the World Cup but that’s the way it is now, anything to get your phizog on the telly and in the papers, just ask Fat Faye and Mr. Bean.

Getting captured and squealing like a little piggy, because you feared something happening to you is reason to be treated like a hero, I suppose it’s a good job they didn’t just give their name, rank and serial number or it would have put them in a too positive light to become a celeb.

It’s good to know that this country is being defended by dwarf crybabies that are taking their iPods out with them while on patrol, or those only afraid that they might be raped and they wouldn’t see their kids again.

Sign of the times I suppose, it’s just a good job that those who took the King/Queen’s shilling in past conflicts didn’t just think of themselves.

Watch something like Jeremy Clarksons documetary about the raid on St Nazaire most of those guys thought they wouldn’t be coming back and were given the chance to not go but went because they knew it was their duty and those that were captured after name, rank and serial number the only thing out of their mouths was something to either piss off the Germans or put them on the wrong track. No tear stained letters home saying they shouldn’t be there and doing anything they could to be sent home.

Violette Szabo just like Turney had a young daughter back home, but then she really was tortured not just stripped to her underwear and then executed not just measured for a coffin (if that’s what really was happening) but I bet her German captors got nothing from her.

But I suppose when those above joined up they did so for King and country knowing they would have to fight for their freedom, unlike the services today that seem to have far too many individuals who want the pay cheque and the free training but don’t seem to want to do any of that fighting malarkey.

One question even in those days when we needed every body possible, would a lard arse like Turney have passed the medical ❓

Some good stuff over at Rum Ration and ARRSE.

And as for the government’s part in this, well we know everything is for sale with this lot and did anyone really Des Browne wasn’t promoted above his ability before this fiasco, Tony doesn’t give jobs out on ability now does he? Just another in a long line of ministerial midgets out of their depth.

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  1. There was an interesting article in the Mail yesterday (it was the only paper in the Curry house while I was waiting for my Chicken Bhuna – I know: yyy) that had two whole pages devoted to notes and messages from other service people saying what an utter disgrace they are to the services.

    I agree with everything you said. Let’s face it, the Military even let me in for 12 years and I’m not exactly hero material.

    It’s all down to the training – they’re treated like royalty these days even compared to when I went through in the late 80s. They’re too soft and not ready for action when it happens upon them.

    Not sure what I’d have done in the same circumstances, especially when I was only 20. Perhaps we should give the young fella a bit of leeway for being too young to know any better. But I’m pretty sure I would NOT have been selling my story afterwards, nor would I have been thinking I was a fucking hero. I’d like to think I’d have resisted appearing on Iranian TV too, but you never know. I never got kidnapped 😉

    Still, bless the army for still generating soldiers butch enough to fight at the front line. Not many proper fighting men behind them though

  2. Just buried my uncle and he would have had a field day with them lot, he was never short of an opinion and after seeing service during WWII and in Palestine I think he’d have had something to say about them being heroes.

    And it’s probably a good job the Argies don’t have a military anymore or they might be celebrating an anniversary with another invasion, after seeing this lot.

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