What have you done for us


C’mon! Six homers in seven games? He’s supposed to do that. Just ask you guys. Mike Mussina

Nice quote from Moose in reply to the throng of reporters round A-Rod last night after he knocked another HR, leading the league with both them and RBIs, in the 10-1 victory away at the Twins.

Now he just has to keep that up right through the playoffs unless he wants to be called “Mr. April” 😉

Alex Rodriguez hit his sixth home run of the season in the Yankees seventh game on Tuesday. He’s only the second in American League history with six home runs in the first seven games of a season. Elias

Have to say I thought A-Rod would have a big season this year, though of course I never mentioned it here but I did to those that have no interest in the sport, straight into my fantasy team but then so was some other underperforming bums but now I’ve mentioned it it’s bound to go tits up.

Good start out of Pettitte, can’t be a coincidence that the starting pitching has looked better in the warmer climes of an indoor stadium than the snowy scenes in the Bronx during the opening stands. Though this must be a really obvious point as Joe Morgan figured it out and said managed to interupt talking about base stealing to mention it the other night.

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