Ten crazy lazy minutes

and anyone wanna buy some UEFA cup final tickets?

The exact opposite of what was required in the first few minutes, indeed the first half last night by Spurs. Seeing them down 2-0 after 8 minutes, to come back in the second half but only draw 2-2 and so go out 4-3 over the two legs to Seville.

Fast start along with a clean sheet was needed not a headless chicken display that saw two very sloppy goals conceded. Malbranque certainly had a dog of a game in that opening 45 minutes, starting with his own goal in the third. Usual routine stick the midgets on the post hope they clear anything that comes their way. Somehow this turned into standing outside the post and sort of watching the ball that was going wide, taking a wild swipe and making things very hard for Spurs.

Seville’s second was equally as bad, had thought with Ledley back there it would be a bit more calm and controlled in defence, even with the guys filling the fullback positions but this was a shambles. With Chimbomba and Zokora doing their best Rio Ferdinand LazyBoy routines. 2-0 game over?

The fullbacks were a major problem, I had felt that if you had to use Tainio in that position you might as well stick him on the left then there’s just one player out of position, not two with him on the right and Chimbomba on the left. Figured it was done this way as they were partially scared of the Seville right back, Daniel Alves, attacking. Best way to counter this would have been to put Lennon on the left to occupy the Brazilian, especially as it turned out so much play came down that wing with Chimbomba tying himself in knots trying to get the ball on his right foot and Malbranque getting into trouble at every opportunity.

Second half was played the way the first should have been but of course by then the Spanish side knew Spurs needed four and so had dropped of a bit, didn’t press the ball as much as they did before the break.

Now I suppose the big cheer part way through the half was for Robinson having a go at one of their players for play acting but it came at the moment Jenas was stamped on the head by Poulsen, who if he didn’t mean it surely would have acknowledged what had happened straight away instead of looking straight ahead nonplussed. Also was there boos when Zokora was subbed for Defoe?

Defoe certainly played his part in getting the draw on the night but if there was boos I agree with them as Zokora shouldn’t have come off, you know who I think should have 😉

Malbranque & Lennon were certainly better in the second half with their position switches but again they were allowed to be by the Spanish side and I felt the third goal was going to come. Of course we were going to go out to away goals and that “penalty” in the first leg.

But the third didn’t come, chance after chance went begging, woodwork hit, penalties were turned down by a ref again conned by their falling over, screaming and rolling about routines but quite happy for Spurs players to be dragged down or pushed in the back in the penalty area.

Well that beep beep beep is the bus backing into the garage, have to try and gain qualification for next years competition, surely even the neutral would prefer to see Spurs play as they have in this years games than the likes of the dullard shows put on by Bolton the other year.

Did say it was the one team we didn’t want to face…

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  1. I felt sorry for Malbranque.

    The Spurs management, in their wisdom, had been obsessively watering the pitch right up until kick-off – they were after a fast-moving, speedy start, apparently. Well they got one. Malbranque’s own goal was unfortunate – but the ball did appear difficult to control – the wet ball almost slid off his feet and into the net.

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