The Windies can field a better team

with ease.

A far better team is available to the West Indies selectors than that bunch who were humiliated in the their biggest ever loss in test cricket.

All they have to do is look round the ground, mainly in the media sections to get a far better team than those in the current squad.

So far we’ve either seen or heard over the last couple of weeks Sir Garfield St Auburn Sobers, Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards and plain old Clive Hubert Lloyd who could walk into the batting lineup even though they’re respectively 70, 55 & 62 years old. Viv Richards even said so during the rain in the last game, that he’d love to get on his whites and face the rubbish been thrown down by Plunkett and Harmison.

As for bowlers, well even though he was the greatest all rounder the game has known would Sir Garfield be required with Michael Holding, Colin Croft, Ian Bishop and Lance Gibbs there to take the wickets.

They’d surely test Pietersen more that Collymore – who is somehow ranked tenth in the ICC test rankings for bowlers, shows the state of fast bowling in the world – and his mates are doing, Whispering Death versus KP is something I’d like to see.

But England supporters should be happy, think how many times Windies teams came over here to humilate us, after all it is better to give than to receive – one of the few times you’d like to see the interminably smug Darcus Howe on the TV screen.

And good on Ryan Sidebottom for taking his chance in this test, he was never going to get a second chance under Fletcher but thankfully the selectors looked past Dunc’s mates. Just think how bad it would have been if Anderson had put down his usual mixed bag of crap along with the two Durham dullards. Sidebottom and Monty were the only two decent bowlers on show.

One selection headache has been resolved for the selectors with news that Flintoff is to have an operation on his ankle. But there should not have been any thought involved in the selection process if Hoggard and Freddie had been fit to bowl they should have repaced the two from Durham.

Flintoff’s batting has been so dire of late he should get in as just a bowler who can sometimes bat a bit, Hoggs has to come back and neither should’ve replaced Sidebottom.

Plunkett and Harmison have been useless so far in the two tests this summer but of course the latter will be picked for Old Trafford, he always does well there so we have to pick him. No doubt he will take a good number of wickets with the few decent balls he sends down amongst the dross end up with decent figures cause the batsmen were either out to the ball or they couldn’t reach it as it headed to second slip. Match figures he’ll be able to rest upon for the next twelve months as he has done for the last few years.

He hasn’t even got the underbowled excuse of previous years this time around, he played in Durham’s county games and had more overs under his belt that Sidebottom going into this test. If they can come with Sidebottom’s selection out of the blue then there has to be someone else out there to take Harmsion’s place.

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  1. It’s the perfect summer series, really, isn’t it, after that Ashes fiasco? Tino Best must be worth a call-up from out in the English sticks, surely…

    Wasn’t sure about Prior’s selection, either behind or in front of the stumps, but Moores seems to have had his protege off to a flyer, so fair play. Great to see Vaughan back so fluently after all, as well. But the two Durham bowlers still look alarmingly wayward when not on the country tracks.

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