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it’s all been said before.

Deja vu all over again or same old story same old song and dance.

Last night’s England v Brazil ponce about at the new PrawnDome was like so many England games over the last few years. It mirrored everything that was bad about the Svennis era that has just continued under the McClown.

And the same post match talking up the players after this dull effort was on show. Ooo wasn’t Beckham great, ooo wasn’t Gerrard great. All of a sudden people are taking McClown quotes as a good thing.

That same old midfield lineup that has failed consistently together over the last few years was back again and it was like they’d never been away. Beckham coming inside cluttering up the centre and meaning there was no outlet on the right for anyone. Ah but he made the goal with one of his “trademark set pieces” no the trademark ones are the others, you know the plenty of ones you saw going into the wall, or over everyone or to nobody in particular. Ah but the passing was there, yeah he had a couple of dinks over to Owen which came to nothing as they were closer to the ‘keeper.

And everything came from deep. So many times we are told by those that wank on about Beckham’s crossing ability that diagonal balls from deep are easy to defend and not that productive, yet that’s all we see from him as he doesn’t have the ability to get up to the box and cross from dangerous areas. Humping high long balls from deep over Owen’s head doesn’t make you the greatest right sided winger. Only plus for Beckham was he was far better than the individual that replaced him – now that is damning with faint praise.

Ah the balance was there in the midfield, Lumpalard and Gerrard can all of a sudden play together. Err well one went totally missing in the 88 minutes he was said to have been on the pitch for the other well you expect such praise from those that go to bed in their old Liverpool shirts or who gain financially from bigging him up. But what really did he do, took the ball off a couple of Brazilains who weren’t really bothered and played people into trouble, few Hollywood balls that came to nothing and got in the way of the central defenders.

And on the left, well through the periods when the other three have been inept Joe Cole stood out, especially in the last World Cup but he hasn’t looked right since coming back from the injuries. In that last few games for Chelsea he’s looked totally off it, no pace and too much showboating. And that was all there again last night, trying to out Brazillian the Brazillians is OK if you manage it but coinsitently trying slow step overs and then falling over the ball doesn’t impress.

Alan Smith played his way out the Estonia game by most people’s standards so McClown will probably pick him. Couldn’t control or hold a ball up all night. Owen got in the right places just didn’t get the right service, only player to take anyone on with the ball at his feet and attempt a cross from the byline.

Shorey played Ok at left back, didn’t attempt anything stupid or constantly come in on his right, so that’s him ahead of Ashely Cole for a start. Played into difficulties by the likes of Cole, Lumpalard and Gerrard who then disappeared on him on a number of occasions. The only thing to be said about Carragher at right back is it’s better there than left back. He’s a stopper a centre back you need someone with a bit of creative nous at fullback especially with Beckham’s disappearing act on the wing Carragher ain’t that player. Making tackles and stopping those players with talent – yes, running up the wing on an overlap – no.

Ledley looked alright at the back, certainly wasn’t any lazy moments as you get with Ferdinand and he certainly wasn’t out of place as one cretin indicated – “Ledley King never fully convinced” suppose Ledley would have to get the moron to right his “autobiography” to get any praise- and Robinson put in some good saves most notably from his Spurs captain 😀

I honestly don’t think I’ve celebrated less at an England goal, I did nothing, just carried on talking to the guy next to me who wasn’t really bothered either – though we probably paid more attention than those in the prawn sandwich seats. It comes to something when that’s the case and you’re looking at a bad result against the might of Estonia being the best thing to happen for the good of the national team.

Sad days…

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