It really makes it worth while

A-Rod's Fenway fans
A-Rod's Fenway fans

to stay up to the wee small hours even in an unwell state…

To witness the best part of 36,793 individuals have the smirks wiped off their faces or actually masks.

Does any Yankees v RedSux Sunday night game end before 5am BST? Does it matter when the outcome is so good. I didn’t think it was going to take that long as the Yanks got up early and Pettitte wasn’t giving up any hits but it couldn’t be that simple.

It’s usually the bullpen that have given up Pettitte’s leads this time he decided to do the job for himself, though not helped by Abreu in right field, 4 run lead to 1 run deficit. Oh and can we have our real Bobby Abreu back you know the one that was always on base, getting you at least 20 homers a season and only committed a handful of errors a year, though he did redeem himself a touch with the catch that ended the eight.

When Pettitte gave out that loud scream in the fifth I thought here we go again, another starter on the DL, maybe he’s coming out in sympathy pains with his good mate the Rocket.

But giving up the lead to then get it back against Okajima & J Papelbon was good, oh how we were told how good these two have been, and they have and how they had the sign on the Yanks makes it much the sweeter with A-Rod’s winning homer against the gurning closer the cherry.

Maybe the guy should have more spats with opposing teams over nothing and have a few more fallouts with his wife over some butt fugly blonde tart who wants to extend her 15 minutes.

Now the Yanks have to use this to get back on track and get that games back number down to a manageable level cause I don’t know if Bucky Dent is available to play.

Click below for the Joslyn Noel Morse pics – not safe for work and not for the faint of heart, that boob job – you have been warned! Thought it looked semi-like Paul McCartney’s soon to be ex-slapper.

5 Replies to “It really makes it worth while”

  1. Heard the latest rumor? The story is someone dropped a dime on A-Rod and Joslyn Noel Morse. The speculation is, Morse dimed herself. It’s perfect! She gets another shot at 15 minutes of fame and another spread in Playboy. I heard on the Fox affliate in Boston, the guy who registered has gotten about 5,000 phone calls. 😆

  2. I did hear that, makes perfect sense and totally believable.

    Think he’ll have to sell quick, I’d see the price dropping rapidly soon, 15 minutes ain’t too long on teh interweb.

  3. I find it interesting and pathetic and just plain sad 😡 that you are making comments about a woman you do not even know, how ’bout you keep your comments to yourself!

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