Complaining part I

about something you haven’t seen.

Ah yes the staple diet of “Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells” or “Outraged of Milton Keynes” complaining mainly about a TV programme, more than likely on Channel 4, before you’ve actually had a chance to see it.

And so it goes with the latest drag up some tired old crap documentary about Diana’s death, whipped up by the papers and increasingly tabloid TV news the British public are apparently outraged at the airing of photos which according to those that have actually seen them show bugger all. Maybe that’s the real problem people have – pics don’t go far enough.

Oh those poor princes who we are told will suffer because of this, well they wouldn’t if the join the large majority of the country and not actually watch it.

It struck me this morning as I stumbled bleary eyed into an interrogation by Fat Fern and Gordon the Gophers sidekick of the progs producers that last night I saw again loads of shots from the Zapruder film you know the one where you actually do see something, a guys head being blown apart. Didn’t hear our intrepid investigative journalists complaining about that.

Maybe they should stick to what they know best, fluff pieces, being a puppet’s straight man and well eating copious amounts by the looks of it.

I know some people have objections about certain images that bring back memories, someone close who hates seeing the wreckage of the PanAm 747 lying above Lockerbie and it’s not just because it was another disaster he just managed to avoid but he just switches it off no national campaign.

There’s the problem with this country we’ve come over sentimentalised drones with blimps, thick footballers, kiddies telly announcers and fat tongued cooks promoted to some position of authority.

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