Well that was a surprise

wasn’t it?

The five clubs named in Lord Stevens’ findings from his inquiry into alleged illegal payments by Premier League clubs are Bolton, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Chelsea and Middlesbrough.

Yeah the BBCs Panorama programme was crap, more dripping water pistol than smoking gun but even though there wasn’t much hard evidence there you knew that the main protagonists in the show would be in the firing line when the Steven’s report came out. I bet ‘Arry hasn’t stopped twitching yet.

For all the claims of having “nuffink to ‘ide” I can’t remember Allardyce or Redknapp issuing any writs after the broadcast, though ‘Arry tried one beforehand, they just stopped talking to the Beeb which was no great loss. Can’t say I’ve missed “Big” Sam whinge about refs or ‘Arry twitch his way “frew” a stream of cliches.

The dodgy transfers do seem to involve a larger number of African players, one of them you couldn’t have had any doubt about as pictures shown on TV when talking about it always seemed to be of a rather chunky black guy in a ‘Boro kit that could only be Yakubu – could have only made it more obvious by showing a ball bounce of his arse into the net.

Good to see Chelsea involved hopefully Frank Arnesen could get into trouble, though if he was involved in any of Chelsea’s signings this last season I’m rather glad he jumped from Spurs – Kalou anyone?

Speaking of dodgy transfers, £17million for Darren Bent, half as much again as Berbatov. Which striker is going to be dropped for him, Keane or Dimitar or is he going to be a very expensive bench warmer even if they don’t offer that amount?

I still don’t rate him but he has scored in a struggling team, so who knows, maybe they can offload Mido and Jenas in part exchange 😀

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