Glastonbury tends to leave me

Iggy and the Stooges Stage Invasion - Glastonbury 2007 BBC

a bit cold.

Nah it’s not the weather to blame, it’s just a bit too suburban hippie Peruvian tea cosy wearing, a bit too NME smugness, a bit too Jo Whiley…

But I caught part of John Fogerty’s set, yes I do like CCR, thought it was funny when he strapped on a Ernie Ball/MusicMan Axis and started off a bit of Eddie Van Halen style finger tapping. After all the Axis is what EB/MM renamed the EVH signature model – still one of the best necks on a guitar I’ve played.

Also caught The Who, as well as Whiley’s dismissal of Radcliffe’s assertion that “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is one of the top ten rock tracks of all time, with “it’s not my area good music”.

Not sure about the old geezers these days, it’s not just the Daltrey at Highbury malarkey but are they really The Who without Moon The Loon and The Ox? Saying that the old stuff is still damn good.

But I did make sure I watched The Stooges, you just know with a crowd like that Iggy – the lithest 60 year old orangutan you’ll see – would put on a great show. He and the boys didn’t disappoint and the look on the security guards faces after he told them to let go of that first person who took up his invitation to join them on stage was priceless.

OK the last album, “The Weirdness” may not have been the greatest but live they kill.

Of course the Beeb don’t want the vids they put up on YouTube embedded and they haven’t put up the full invasion just said Whiley wittering about it, funny how they’ve spelt her name wrong.

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