A quick R.I.P. for

The Doog who died at the weekend aged 69.

Not just because he was one of those players from the 60s/70s who was a “character” and so exactly like the type of player there isn’t in the game now but also because he bowed to my dad and his mates once.

In Wales on a course and cause one of them was Northern Irish they decided to head to Ninian Park to watch the home international between the two countries, chanting The Doog’s name all night amongst a bunch of dejected Taffs, as the Irish won 4-1, caught his attention and so he came over and flourished a bow to them.

Another couple of things on the game caught my football eye at the weekend…

Funny how when the Dutch beat Serbia in the U21 Euro Championship it signalled the end of the 2006/7 season yet the InterToto cup games played a few hours earlier signalled the start of the 2007/8 season.

And can a player really be classed as a legend of the club if he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of others. I mean if he hasn’t been sent down, hasn’t been charged or even arrested or indeed admitted in a tearful ramble to a criminal act or been thrown out of the club for illegal wrongdoings can he be a true member of that club at any point.

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