Why were my flights on Tame

not like this.

The Ecuadorian airline Ícaro – is it a good idea to name airline after someone who famously plummeted from the sky? – has decided to make the time go a bit faster on their Quito to Guayaquil flights by putting on a little lingerie catwalk show for the weary travellers.

Yeah the trip ain’t long about 45 minutes and you do have the splendour of the Andes to view but the time can still drag so this is a little bonus, especially good for those that aren’t great flyers. It would take your mind of the inevitable screaming, kicking annoying little bastard that’s always sat behind you, though would under 18s be allowed on the flight – another bonus – this is a no lose situation.

The flights between Quito and Guayaquil I took with their main competition TAME certainly weren’t like that, boarding up the arse end of a ratty old Caravelle, sitting in seats facing the tail of the plane but then that was some time ago in less enlightened times and they’re probably a bit tame.

Brings a new meaning to “Come fly with me…”

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