Could this be

Van Halen 2007
The first photo of the 2007 Van Halen line up - Wolfgang Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen & Eddie Van Halen.


Are they gonna do it? Are they gonna fulfil those promises of a reunion tour, dashed earlier this year when Eddie went into rehab?

All the rumours are of a Van Halen amphitheatre tour of the US later in the year, I was very sceptical last time it was all set up to go off at the beginning of the year, who knows this time round, if Ed’s got his head right, if spending a few days with Dave does send him back over the edge…could somebody have to get him a doctor?

It’s all ifs and buts and one of those buts is even with the classic lineup nearly back together, yeah Mike ain’t the greatest bass player but he was part of the real Van Halen no offence to Wolfie who may be a fine player, and Eddie probably using his replica Frankenstein you feel that original magic won’t quite be there.

Could this turn tragic? You know that magic often does…

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