If you’re ever accused of fraud

ask the judge if you can go on a corporate jolly, instead of jail.

All expenses paid by the British public of course – hey if it works for the staff at the BBC.

Yes that’s the Beeb’s answer to their staff defrauding the people who pay them to send them on a course “Safeguarding Trust”. Because without going on such a thing it’s hard for a probably well educated individual to know that there’s something not quite right in faking phone in competitions.

They’ve pretty much admitted to all this so it is now easy to say those in charge of each program and those in charge overall should be sacked, they should also be charged with fraud. Those that have been defrauded should be recompensed from the pockets of those sacked not from the BBC itself. Being given back money that you gave in the first place doesn’t quite work much as the previous £50,000 fine the corporation had to pay out follow the Blue Peter swindle only hurt the paying viewer not the people responsible and can in no way be described as a deterrent.

BBC director general Mark Thompson

I suppose we shouldn’t expect more from the Beeb, it’s probably is the last bastion of the “Great British Nationalised Institution”, you know the types from the past where no matter how incompetent you are at your job – look at some of the crap they churn out – you never get the sack – I’m all right Jack.

And after all it’s director general, Mark Thompson (pictured), is someone who is constantly trying to take you for an idiot and lying to everyone, especially himself. He thinks that if he grows facial hair that somehow a beard and/or a tash will make you think he isn’t a slaphead, it’s the modern equivalent of the Bobby Charlton combover and marks someone out as instantly untrustworthy and an idiot – see also George Galloway.

Now if they sort this out what are the chances they’ll get round to be unbiased and impartial as they are supposed to be? No doubt it’ll be another whitewash exercise.

Maybe this is just what calibre of employee you get when you only advertise for staff in the Grauniad…

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