A royal apology

is due.

Nah nothing about Betty’s little skirmish with the People’s Republic Broadcasting Corporation.

No it’s the little purple one, who owes me and many others an apology.

Yes Prince I mean you do you know the embarrassment caused by standing there in the queue in WH Smiths holding a copy of the “Mail on Sunday”? What do you do just stand there holding it or do you cover it up with something less embarrassing, like Razzle, Groping Grannies Weekly or Sheep Shaggers Quarterly. I mean for god’s sake this rag employs Carole Caplin.

It’s not that I’m much of a Prince fan to be honest, just figured at £1.40 for his new album “Planet Earth” I’d get it.

The fact it pissed off the likes of HMV and Virgin was an added bonus – though I don’t know how it stands with my stance on Fopp closing – along with those industry lackies that spouted all the guff such as…

It devalues the music and the losers will be new artists who are trying to come through…Consumers only have so much listening time in the week and if they receive the new album from Prince then they don’t need to buy new music and will spend their money on something else. Kim Bayley
(Director General of the Entertainment Retailers Association)

Lets see the general public faced with buying either the new Prince album or a new artists album will not buy the new artists album because they got the other free, or more likely they’ll get both as they had the spare cash from not having to fork out fifteen bloody quid for one of them.

As Prince said himself back in ’95…

Once the internet is a reality the music business is finished. There won’t be any need for record companies. If I can send you my record direct, what’s the point of having the business? I don’t even have a manager any more. Would you want somebody living off your work? Prince

That’s what the industry types are scare of, not up and coming artists losing out but them seeing the end of their parasite lifestyles.

A man that is incredibly wealthy already wants to just release his album to the wider audience, it’s his music, his “product” he has the right to do what he wants with it. It should be the way forward for many of the mega rich artists out there. Instead of lecturing us on how our money is spent on others while making sure they can do what they want with their cash which is nicely hidden from those nasty tax men, why don’t the likes of Bono and his smug mates give their next disc away in Oxfam or Save The Children shop free with every purchase.

With the fact that Prince’s last album didn’t do that well over here, only about 80,000 sold and that as he says he makes most his money from live shows these days the other overriding factor is publicity, this has created plenty of that and as the rocketed sales of “Tintin In The Congo” have shown there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

So yes Prince has to be applauded but why the “Mail on Sunday” of all papers?

2 Replies to “A royal apology”

  1. I’d spotted you listening to that on your Last.fm profile 😉

    Is it any good then? I’ve always thought his stuff was interesting if not particularly exciting.

  2. Well I’ve only given it the one listen and I was doing other stuff at the time so don’t know if I took it in as such, as I say I’m not his greatest fan, liked his Super Bowl show and he’s an incredibly talented musician, some of it is OK maybe just not quite everyday listening for me 😀

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